The containment systems for an Eco-1 electrical installation usually consist of cable tray and cable basket. We chose the most innovative system available, from Unitrunk which delivers strength, durability with lightness Unitrunk systems are uniquely  designed to require fewer components and save time, energy and waste.  

This means that you get the best in containment delivered on time. What you don't get is tons of unneeded steel that has cost both you and the environment time trouble and money.

 Our partnership delivers:-  

  • Best in class containment from Unitrunk
  • Great quality control in a controlled environment
  • No hot work on site
  • Minimises packaging – no waste on site
  • Off cuts are properly recycled
  • Saves time on site –electricians work more quickly and efficiently

And you have the reassurance that we are using the best components from the innovation leader in cable containment. This means that if ever you want to add to or modify the systems that you will be able to source common components from Unitrunk –so even modifications will be simpler and faster.

These are properly engineered steel containment systems delivered for the 21st century, minimising waste and optimising functionality.

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