Whatever is connected to the installation needs to be controlled efficiently and intelligently. The largest energy consumption in buildings typically relates to:-


Efficient controls are needed on each system in order to optimise energy use.

You should only run systems when there is a demand for that system. For example heating office blocks on bank holidays for example is a common problem. Running lights when no one is there is another example of bad practice. A mixture of presence detection and timing devices can control these systems.

Systems should make efficient use of the power available.  Electric motors and other inductive devices do not use electrical power efficiently without power factor correction. Typically, with poor power factors, paybacks on the power factor correction equipment can be measured in months. Power factor correction is not simply fit and forget it needs monitoring for ongoing efficacy.

It may well make sense to control the voltage using voltage optimisation technology – energy providers are allowed a variation in power supply voltage between 216.2V and 253V. In a simple load circuit, clearly a 253V supply will cause a higher energy use than a 216.2 V supply. Component life, especially lamps, is badly affected by higher voltages.

Variable speed drives controlled by PID (proportional–integral–derivative) controller can make a large difference to energy consumption with rapid paybacks. For example a variable speed drive fitted to air conditioning systems can allow the fans to spin slowly when there is a low demand for ventilation and increase the speed when more is needed. This can be based on C02 levels within the building.

Intelligent Control

Each of the systems can take inputs from light sensors, passive infra red detectors, radar detectors, thermostats and act accordingly.

The amount of control you deploy is dependant upon your cost-benefit equation. At the top end you can have a total building management system (BMS) that reports on all building activities and functions through to much simpler systems that control just the lighting and HVAC as separate controls.

Eco-1 Will Deliver

Whatever the size of your building and load Eco-1 can advise on the controls that are available to meet your budget and needs.